About My Book

“My Covid Time in Glass & Rhyme”

In this book, my rhymes document the lockdown months and it is illustrated with my cocktail photographs and recipes.
If you would like to see more of it, it can be purchased at all these on-line stores.

During our enforced stay at home time, from March 2020 until June 2021, I mixed a different cocktail every weekend for my wife and me; 65 different concoctions, in all. Recipes and photographs of them all are here. During the same period, I wrote 34 poems describing what was happening in the world and my views on the situation. Nothing too serious but an historical account of that period of the pandemic. I suggest that the poems be read chronologically but the cocktails may be enjoyed in any order.

Here are some verses that I wrote on 12 October 2020.
They are not in the book but many others like them are.

Notwithstanding the hot sunny weather we’ve had over the summer
It’s clear to everyone that 2020’s been a real bummer.
Now it’s cold and damp and miserable outside
And the seriousness of the infection is magnified.

Unless you’re the US President and named Donald Trump
Who, despite being elderly and somewhat plump,
Was infected and cured, in double quick time, and is now immune
Right before the presidential elections – how opportune!

Back home, in England, today, just to make it clear
Your home is now situated, like everywhere else, in a tier
Which will be designated as “Medium, “High” or “Very High”
You see how Boris, the situation, has managed to simplify?

It is easy for all of us, the government’s efforts, to decry
Equally easy too, is their inappropriate experience, to quantify.
But could any others have done any better in conditions so adverse?
Who knows; but they certainly couldn’t have done any worse!